Hi! I'm Brian Canzanella

I have been a professional web developer/software engineer for years and guitarist for years.

I'm a rockstar web developer

There is more about me.

This is what I work on.

I am a software engineer generalist.

I have worked on back-end (.NET/C#, Sql Server, Node, PHP), front-end (Backbone, LESS) and everything in between (ASP.NET WebForms & MVC, ServiceStack, Wordpress, Drupal).

I dig unit testing with NUnit and jasmine.


I'm into .NET, Backbone/Javascript, Node, Sql Server, and MongoDB.

Check out my ocassional rambings at my blog: C# to C#.

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Conservatory trained classical guitarist with a love for extreme metal. I sometimes teach and do weddings. Current metal project: VRAWSCHE

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All aspects of the software development lifecycle and music production and performance.
Contact me to chat about your needs.

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My wicked awesome projects.

These are some of my projects

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

(555) 666-6666